We Tell Your Story.


Be the change. Be the one who restarts their business like a startup with ease, functionality, with passion, with a story, and creatively. Regardless of whether your company operates for one day or twenty years.

We know something about change. We’ve escaped the corporate sector and escaped being frustrated and tired. We were convinced that there are other ways to conduct business without restrictive rules, bureaucracy and pretending that we listen to clients even though we don’t care about them at all.

We’ve experienced an abundance of election campaigns, which themselves are small startups. They taught us to think differently, promptly, simply and with no formalities. Campaigns with a well-escalated story that sells, convinces, and creates a contrast.



We’ve learned that simplicity is the highest extent of perfection. It is not hard to be complicated. It is harder create and maintain simplicity in contemplation, communication and design.


We believe that a well-developed story has always been the most powerful motivation tool for change in its spoken, written, and pictorial form. Stories help our clients overcome complacency and are the best language for understanding and apprehension.


The things we do, we don’t do for beauty, our own ego, or for the effect. We create solutions to function and to bring change that is needed. It’s not us who will be the heroes but you, because you have the courage to go further than your competitors.


We believe that if we want to bring working solutions, sometimes we must break away from the common path and leave our comfort zone. We have to view problems through the eyes of our clients. This at times can be unconventional, but it is a method we value.


We simply enjoy this work. We work for our clients with passion. We did not flee the corporate world to multiply old mistakes, but to grow and help others grow. That is all we can offer.


  • Michal NovotaPartner & CEO
    Michal Novota pursues consulting in the field of brand restart. He is also a consultant in the field of political marketing, communication and leadership skills in Campaigns. company, and a fundraiser in...
  • Filip KvapilPartner & CEO Czech Republic
    Filip comprises in his profile broad and rich experience in various environment. It includes a career of a medical doctor, researcher management consultant, focuses mostly on management development, coaching, performance management and...
  • Branislav AndreanskýPartner & Senior Consultant
    Branislav is HR consultant and trainer focuses mostly on the training of improvement management and communication skills. In field of political marketing, he helps clients to set up PR communication and tactics...
  • Jana ŠtulajterováConsultant
    Jana Stulajterova pursues analyzing and preparing materials, sources and data in the field of political marketing, setting in public relations field for self government and implements tactics of communication strategy. During the...
  • Jana BilíkováSenior Consultant
    Jana Bilíková is a certified coach and trainer of communication skills, mediation and conflict resolution in Czech, English and French languages. Apart from soft-skills courses, she is focused on the intercultural competences...
  • Anna ŠovčíkováConsultant
    Anna Šovčíková’s main field of expertise is political marketing, content creation and PR agenda setting. She graduated from Political Science at Comenius University; during her studies she took part in internship programmes...
  • Bogdan StojanovićPartner & CEO Balkans
    Bogdan Stojanović is a political analyst and consultant in the field of lobbying, negotiation and conflict resolution. He has worked as an advisor at the Ministry of Justice within the Bureau of...
  • Tomáš PecherPartner & Consultant Balkans
    Tomas has been involved in a couple of projects as business development, consultant and analyst. He was searching for business opportunities and supporting and consulting activities of business subjects in...
  • Tomáš OpartyPartner Balkans
    Tomáš Oparty graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague with a specialization in Math statistics and probability. Mr. Oparty is 35 years old and has extensive...
  • Daniel KerekesConsultant
    Daniel Kerekes is an expert on elections, electoral geography, and data. Daniel has graduated in business management and political marketing at Masaryk University where he is currently a PhD candidate. His academic...